Why You Should Be Excited About 3D Printing


The commercial promises of 3D printing are obvious. Printing on demand at the moment of request is the 21st century answer to a magic lamp. As the telephone, car, tv, and internet revolutionized communication, 3D printing is going to revolutionize creation.

I’m assuming that in your life you’ve had ideas. Moments where something didn’t work the way you expected. At which, an “AHA” hits and you and you think of a way to do something better; the better mousetrap. That’s the idea. The idea, that if you could just get your idea in front of the right people the world would beat a path to your door. With 3D printing we are advancing towards a time when that idea can be realized by anyone at any time with a few skills that can be taught and guided in an internet forum or community college.

The steps to getting your ideas to the world are now:

  1. Think it
  2. Draft it in 3d
  3. Print it

The steps to capitalize on the ideas and innovation of others are now:

  1. Discover
  2. Print

It is no longer necessary to convince investors or board members that your inventions have value to bring them to market. Your inventions are now a google/print away from someone’s desktop.

Sure, there are limitations at present, but let’s try some SAT prep:


Fill in the blank.   Please.

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