Five Super Cool 3D Printing Projects on Kickstarter

If you haven’t yet noticed, Kickstarter and 3D Printing make one perfect match. Investors on the fundraising site are eagerly supporting new 3D technology projects, and many campaigns have reached 103075 times their initial funding goals. In addition to the free hardware, t-shirts and other various perks, enthusiaists who front the dough await great rewards, and great bragging rights for taking part in accelerating the timeline to the future.

Many of the 3D printing projects appear to be variations on the 3D printer.  Some projects have even found themselves in hot water with patent holders claiming infringement, but the one thing that is sure 3D Printing projects on Kickstarter are not going anywhere. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at the 5 coolest 3D Printing Projects on Kickstarter. Let us know what you think. If you’ve got other projects that interest you, we’re always excited to see and learn more.

OpenBeam Kossel Pro 3D printer


The Open Beam Kossel Pro 3D printer has been live for about 3 days and is already almost halfway to its $60,000 goal (at post time – $27,449.)  With 41 days to go, it’ll surely meet its goal and then some. The fun part, of course, being “and then some”.  One of the neat things about the project is its attempt to do something different in the 3D space. As the project page says:

3D Printers are great, and we have been involved in the 3D Printing community for a very long time. However, when used in a production setting, it quickly becomes an artificially created bottle neck in work flow and a possible support issue as well due to variances between parts. So, with the OpenBeam Construction System, we chose to do things differently. We designed components that form the fundamental building blocks of 3D Printers and other small scale automation machines. These components are designed to be as modular and reusable as possible. This way, individual components can benefit from the economies of scale of modern mass production techniques while still allowing designs to iterate and evolve.

Also, for some reason, I can’t stop watching it print. There’s something hypnotic about the way its arms slide up and down in constant motion. Someone please make an animated gif of that please. I would do it myself, but I still have four more kickstarter projects to talk about.

To contribute to the OpenBeam Kossel Pro campaign, check out the Kickstarter page here:


If you followed the links in the intro paragraph you’ll know 3Doodler as the campaign that generated $2,314,134 over its $30,000 goal.  We like it here at 3D Forge because its a fresh idea in the world of 3D printing. Have you used a pen before? Then you can use 3Doodler.

So, if you were a $50 backer, you could det your self a 3Doodler pen, plus a bag of plastic. It’s too late to donate now, but if you like, you can still buy some cool art made with the 3Doodler from Etsy – and

You can also check out the original campaign page here:


If you’re going to be 3D printing, you’re going to need material.  The Filastruder enters the Kickstarter space as one solution to that problem.

They had me at “save money.”  Gathering 42x their original $5,000 goal, it looks like they had a lot of other people too.  Also, if you happen to be making gifs of the Kossel Pro, if you can make one from second 53 as well.  ”So soft”

The Filastruder campaign has ended, but you can check out more details on the project here:

The Othermill

I want to print an MP3 player in my home.  Its something I hope to do in the future.  I’m going to need something like the Othermill to help me out.

With our mill, you can produce custom circuit boards quickly and cheaply. You can make all your projects light up, beep, and move. Wearable circuits, custom guitar effects pedals, and quadcopter electronics are all within reach – without waiting for boards to come back from the manufacturer. Even though the Othermill is optimized for cutting circuit boards, it can also cut metal, wood, wax, and plastic. It is great for engraving and milling 3D shapes for jewelry or mold making.

This campaign is still underway, so check it out at and give it your support if you are keen.

I’m going to need the Othermill to be a reality if I’m going to be able to print the circuit boards for my army of robots. Speaking of which…


So Kickstarter has solutions for hardware and materials. Well, what about content?

Say hello to MAKI.

I guess society should be thankful that Maki didn’t reach its stretch goal of $30K for Dual Arms. We have successfully delayed the other throw of the human race by an army of self printing robots. Peace be with you. For now…

Don’t forget to check out other 3D printing projects at Kickstarter:

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